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The Mook Group will soon be offering gastronomic delights in the imposing barrel-like pod at the top of the new Henninger Tower. The location will offer an incredible 360-degree view of the skyline and the surrounding countryside through the picture windows that reach right down to the floor. In the summer, guests can relax on the likewise completely glazed sky deck. The restaurant has yet another fabulous highlight: a round and completely open kitchen counter will be nestled around the inner core. This way, we can combine the two most popular gastronomy trends in the world: ‚chef’s table counter‘ and ‚rooftop dining‘

The cuisine in „Franziska“ will be inspired by the dishes of the great-aunt of Mook Group founder Christian Mook. His beloved aunt was, you see, not only an extremely liberal, resolute and warm-hearted ‚grande dame‘, but also a gifted and innovative cook. She was a virtuoso master of all facets of the art of cooking. Even in those days, her culinary skills were very modern and progressive. She always wanted to cook in a way that was as ethical, ecological and regional as possible. She grew her own vegetables and harvested her own fruit and even kept a few chickens in her garden. Her kitchen was always the social and culinary epicentre of the family. Almost every day, most members of the clan found their way to her cosy kitchen table, where a lot philosophising about art, culture and food took place. People laughed, argued and, of course, ate to their heart’s content. She also served classic dishes such as „Königsberger Klopse“ meatballs, „Falsche Hasen“ meatloaf or eggs with mustard sauce. Her culinary spectrum was not limited to good plain German cooking. Even then, in an age when there was not yet a single Asian market in Frankfurt, she experimented with oriental and Asian flavours and dishes. She ordered the exotic ingredients from a spice dealer in Hamburg who was a friend of hers. Moreover, she was also a genuine pioneer of fusion cuisine. For example, she put Ahler sausages on pizza, served home-made ravioli filled with ‚hand cheese‘ or cooked elderflower blossoms in tempura dough. She was a veritable fount of ideas, constantly surprising her family with her new and original creations. Interestingly, Aunt Franziska’s house stood precisely at the foot of the Henninger Tower. The idea of naming the restaurant in the new Henninger Tower after Christian Mook’s great-aunt was, therefore, inevitable in many respects. Frank Möbes will be the head chef in the new Henninger Tower. He and his team will soon be able to revive the esprit and the culinary spirit of Great Aunt Franziska. Look forward to enjoying exciting German cuisine with a modern twist, a cuisines that’s not limited by conventions, ingredients or techniques.

Until it was demolished in 2013, the Henninger Tower was the most famous architectural landmark of the city. No building has ever been such an integral part of the skyline of Frankfurt as much as this striking monolith has. The new old Henninger Tower is now wider and higher than its legendary predecessor, but still bears the same unmistakable silhouette of the historic model. The striking solitaire is now, however, not a windowless silo, but a wonderfully transparent pixelated residential property. The idea behind it is an ingenious move to interpret the ground-breaking industrial architecture of the 1960s in a contemporary fashion and, at the same time, to make sensible use of it as regards urban development. The architect team Meixner, Schlüter and Wendt is responsible for redesigning this architectural masterpiece.

The Mook Group is Frankfurt’s most successful upscale restaurant group. Nobody plays host to more guests in the „white tablecloth“ segment in Frankfurt. As an owner-run family business, the Mook Group stands, above all, for pioneering spirit, sustainability and ethical behaviour. Among industry experts, the company is regarded as an innovative pioneer of gastronomy in Germany. In 1997, for example, the M-Steakhouse was the first genuine American-style premium steakhouse to be established in Germany. At present, the Mook Group’s portfolio includes the Surf’n Turf, the M-Steakhouse, the colonial-style Ivory Club, the pan-Asian supper club Zenzakan and the French brasserie and oyster bar Mon Amie Maxi. Managing Director of the Mook Group Family Office & Beteiligungs-GmbH is Christian Mook. The dedicated and passionate restaurateur has already received awards for Restaurateur of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Culinary Trendsetter of the Year. Besides working as a restaurateur, Christian Mook is also a journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of MOOK Magazine, a high-gloss publication focusing on luxury, pleasure, travel, architecture and the Mook Group. He is also the editor of THE FRANKFURTER, a bilingual city magazine that covers the diverse facets of Frankfurt and the world. The magazine focuses on the topics of art, culture, lifestyle, people and the urban development.